Historical Context of First Love

There was a time in Spanish literature after the Romantic movement called the Spanish Realist literature movement. People began to look away from the romantic way of writing things and began to see people as people, their actions and the lives going on around them. Writers began to use more descriptive words to describe people in their stories. This idea is exemplified in First Love by Emilia Pardo-Bazan. In this story the author takes the time to describe people in the story through the young boys eyes. Pardo-Bazan goes into full description about the beautiful woman in the painting and the old aunt that the boy comes in contact with. This story was all about the physical when it came to those women, which is normal when it came to boys that age. What was odd was the way the antagonist thought, since he was just an adolescent boy. This story is a good example of the way writers used realist thinking to write stories that made people intrested.

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