First Love

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Dear Reader,

Throughout the Fall semester 2011 the students in English 170w put together a blog/website about a short story of their choice.  This blog is about a short story written by Emilia Pardo-Bazan called First Love. This story was a good story that is slightly comical. This blog is a collection of assignments given to me by my Professor. Taking this course was slightly hard for me because the assignments given to me were hard to apply to this story. However, in the end I was happy that I did everything that was assigned to me. In this class I was able to analyze the short story with sources that I thought I would never use, like twitter. I definitely improved with learning to look for information in odd places and learning how to be a better literary reader. I still struggle with using what I learned and applying it to writing every time I write something. The assignment I am most proud of would have to be my Conference Presentation.  This was a good class in the end and now I have a website about First Love by Emilia Pardo-Bazan.


Breana Ricketts



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So far in the novel The Marriage Plot the theme seems to be mania. On page 74 Eugenides writes “The Hannas’ house was a hundred-year-old Tudor. . . . Inside, everything was tasteful and half falling apart. The Oriental carpets had stains. The brick-red kitchen linoleum was thirty years old. When Mitchell used the powder room, he saw that the toilet paper dispenser had been repaired with Scotch tape. So had the peeling wallpaper in the hallway”. I think this is a  good example of mania because it is obvious that the Hannas’ want to keep their house in its original state, so much so that they do not realize  when it is time for change, Maybe this is also showing that they want to keep things the same state in other areas of their lives and sometimes it is not healthy.


Steps for Saussure?

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Step 1. Look at the lines from the first word

Step 2. Figure out which language it is my process of elimination

Step 3. Look at the words one by one

Step 4. Think of its meaning or what that word signifies. Try to see which meaning the author is going for by thinking of all the meanings for that word.

Step 5. Re-read the poem with the final interpretations.


wordles and ngrams

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Last week’s web Wednesday was a continuation of the digital humanities. Digital humanities is when people find new ways to do things that would require a lot of time; like research, calling numbers at a library, finding key words in novels, or even citing works literature at the end of an essay.  The digital way of doing these things turn out to be a lot faster and more appealing to students who feel like they have too much to do. I think that this is a great way to make things less time consuming but still getting the work done. When we do use the sources that would fall under digital humanities, I think we can be sure that what comes out of it is true; it leaves less room for error. Some say that things like worles and ngrams are taking away from the study of literature as a whole. That could be because things are changing rapidly, and it could seem scary, I believe it’s all for the better. Those in my generation might take it for granted if it take more than a couple of seconds to load, but in the end it helps us out more than we could imagine.


The Last Two Web Wednesdays…

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The last two Web Wednesdays have seemed to have ran smoothly for mostly everyone in the class except for me -__-. It seems like my laptop or a friend’s laptop will be just fine but as soon as 1:40 hits things will go haywire. Anyway, I manage to do what I can, but from now on I’m going home to do my Web Wednesdays. Although there is so much chaos on my end, I think the class as a whole still effectively uses web-based technologies in order to read and publish academic writing. We analyze poems on twitter and today we read about Second Life. Our homework for this weekend is starting the academic writing aspect of it. Over all, I think we are going to accomplish our goals, and Web Wednesdays will become something that is easy for us. Even if I’m the last one to feel that way.

Have a good day!

Hi everybody!

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I know I’m actually really late with this post, Web Wednesdays haven’t exactly been the easiest thing for me =/. But I wanted to get this post done, because I know I’ll probably need it later. Anyway, as I was growing up I read a lot of books and stories, but I always went for the big books with over 300 pages. So when Professor Ferguson said we were supposed to choose a short story I thought it would be fairly easy. I was wrong.

But I do know what type of stories I like. I am a typical girl in that, I love to read about love and relationships. I like them to be really dramatic or funny. The link that was put up definitely helped narrow down my search, and First Love by Emilia Pardo-Bazan caught my eye. I read it and it seemed like something I was looking for. But I did not have that “this is it!” feeling while reading. So, I kept looking, and I have not really found another one.

This is my predicament. Whoever is reading this feel free to suggest a story to me, I’m open to anything as of right now. If nothing else catches my attention or gives me a “this is it!” feeling, then I would like to do Emilia Pardo-Bazan’s First Love. As time goes on I will try and look for more stories, and hopefully I’ll find something else.  See you Monday!



Hello world!

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Welcome to Qwriting.org. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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