wordles and ngrams

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Last week’s web Wednesday was a continuation of the digital humanities. Digital humanities is when people find new ways to do things that would require a lot of time; like research, calling numbers at a library, finding key words in novels, or even citing works literature at the end of an essay.  The digital way of doing these things turn out to be a lot faster and more appealing to students who feel like they have too much to do. I think that this is a great way to make things less time consuming but still getting the work done. When we do use the sources that would fall under digital humanities, I think we can be sure that what comes out of it is true; it leaves less room for error. Some say that things like worles and ngrams are taking away from the study of literature as a whole. That could be because things are changing rapidly, and it could seem scary, I believe it’s all for the better. Those in my generation might take it for granted if it take more than a couple of seconds to load, but in the end it helps us out more than we could imagine.

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